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Our Drainage System Solutions

French Drain Systems:

French drains are subsurface drainage systems that remove unwanted water quite effectively. Perforated piping is laid in an excavated trench, which is then filled with gravel. This system removes unwanted standing water and can also help prevent flooding.

Downspout Discharge Lines:

A downspout discharges water collected by gutters as it flows off a roof. Your roof directs water toward the gutter system, and then your gutters funnel that water into a downspout. However, many downspouts then discharge that water directly onto the ground near your foundation. This can cause major issues to your foundation.

A large influx of water from your downspout can cause damage to your foundation including settlement, concrete and masonry deterioration, bowed foundation walls, basement water infiltration, and erosion.

FSRG recommends that downspouts discharge water a minimum of 10 feet away from the foundation to avoid this damage.

Stormwater Catch Basin:

Stormwater catch basins can be installed in various locations to help collect water and flow it away from your property. Drain grates in the basin collect water and direct it towards a discharge line, which removes the water from the area.

Catch basins can be made of several different materials including concrete, metal, and plastic.

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